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Heygates Flaked Maize 20kg

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Maize is a cereal just like oats and barley and is the ingredient that looks a bit like corn flakes in your ponys mix, in fact in America maize is commonly called corn. Maize is usually fed flaked or micronised to improve its digestibility. Flaking means that the maize has been cooked in steam, whilst micronising involves cooking the maize at high temperatures and then rolling it. Maize is higher in starch than the other cereals and is low in fibre making it very energy dense and in fact maize has the highest energy levels of all the cereals and contains twice as much energy as the same volume of oats. Care should be taken when feeding maize, as with any cereal, not to feed large quantities at any one time, starchy feeds like maize are digested in the small intestine but if a horse eats too much of them at a time, some of the undigested feed may enter the large intestine (which usually digests fibre) and this will upset the balance of good bacteria in the large intestine which can lead to digestive upsets such as colic and laminitis. Maize is a good source of vitamin A needed for good eyesight, growth and formation of tissue, but it is a poor source of protein.

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